SWM Seeks Young Vixen For Passionate, Unforgetable Sidewalk Romance

Here we have Mr. Poopie Drawers. No relation to Poopee Pants The Rapper. Mr. P. Drawers is a single white male whose hobbies include pooping on himself and the sidewalk, evacuating his bladder wherever and whenever he feels the urge, drinking vodka and passing out in the best spots on the block. He loves attracting flies and odors that make him gag. He says he loves that warm moist feeling he gets in his drawers when he “lets one fly”. He also says the ladies love his sense of style and hopes to settle down someday with a big cozy jug of Smirnoffs and a .99 cent bottle of Faygo Strawberry pop…………………… Girls, I think we have a keeper!SWM Seeks SWF For summertime sidewalk romance.


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